Castle Carpignano


Historical renovated country house Carpignano's Castle

The residence is located in the country that is also historical center, very particular. 

The residence can give comfortably hospitality until to 4-6 persons. 

The house is very particular because is situated in the Carpignano fraction, Macerata district, he is practically attached with the wall castle of the homonym castle that trace the origin to the XIII sec., again today is possible to see the tower 30 meters high, a medieval arc, any little towers, and a surrounded wall. 

Near the property there is a bakery where is possible buy bread, cakes, pies and pizza ! The pizza can be ordered and then eaten easily inside the property.

Are you looking for a geographical area suspended between the enchantment of the mountains and the magic of the sea, capable of rivalling the better known and more frequented Tuscany region? 
Are you looking for extraordinary art treasures scattered throughout the region, making the Marche, native country of Leopardi and Raffaello, a cultural paradise? 
Do you like walking in an endless series of spellbinding towns perched high upon hills like nesting birds and discovering the surprises that the natural environment has preserved? 
Do you prefer the privacy and freedom that only an independent accomodation could assure? 
Then this is the place for you! 
The sea and the Nature Park of the Sibillini Mountains are only 30 minutes away,
and the location is ideal for one-day excursions or total relaxation.
Itís an ideal point of departure to reach the points of great interest of the Marche region. For instance, the sea and beautiful beaches can be reached in only 20 minutes by car and at the same time itís possible to arrive in the Sibillini Mountains in less than 30 minutes.

Marche, the heart of Italy†
Central Italy is one of the most famous and topical places in the world. Colourful rural landscapes, the flavour of traditional cuisine, small hilltop villages and towns where time seems to have stood still - the Marche region offers all this and so much more.

The region has resources of extraordinary quality that are still largely unknown and for this very reason, even more genuine and precious. It is a hidden pearl that has silently managed to maintain its traditions, which attentive tourists and top gastronomists are slowly beginning to discover.†

Thanks to its ideal position along the Mid-Adriatic coast, the Marche has always been a meeting place for different cultures and civilizations and as well as unforgettable views, this perfect balance between man and nature has led to the creation of delicious products.†
The sea, countryside, mountains and hills that slope gently to the sea - this is what the Marche region offers. It is a territory marked by ancient traditions and food and wine specialities, where fortresses and castles are hidden away amid a variety of enchanting landscapes that have always been celebrated by writers and poets alike.


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